Pool Construction Process

We appreciate that hiring a Pool builder is a big decision and requires a lot of trust. That’s why we’re happy to explain what goes into our Pool-building process. It’s important to us that you’re 100% comfortable with it before you decide to hire us.

Free Design Consultation

We begin by providing you with a completely free in-home consultation. Whether you already know exactly what you want, or you need some help from our experts, this consultation will help you better understand what the rest of the process will entail. 

Securing Necessary Permits

Before we break ground in your pool, our experts will take care of securing all the permits required by your Texas community.

Breaking Ground

Weather permitting, we’ll break ground ASAP after securing permits and begin the actual building of your dream pool.

Rebar & Stub-Out Plumbing

After the footprint of your pool has been dug, we’ll install a rebar grid and boxed beam.

Plumbing and Equipment Installation

This is when we’ll construct the entire plumbing system responsible for moving water to and from your pool.

Gunite Process

One of the many great things about gunite is how easy it is to apply. Our builders use a pneumatic machine that makes applying the material quick yet effective.

Electric Process

When the gunite has completely dried, our installers will outfit your pool with the necessary electrical components, from the wiring to the lights to the control panel.


Our builders will then finish the rim of your pool, coping it with the aesthetically pleasing design you chose.

Tiling and Decking

At this point, our builders install any pavement, tiles, concrete, stamped concrete, or flagstones you want for the outside of your pool.

Plastering and Startup Process Filling the Pool

t only takes a few hours to add plaster to your Pool and for it to set. Once it does, we’ll start filling it with water.

Pool School

Finally, we will finish by walking you through the entire operation and upkeep of your pool, so you are an expert at enjoying and maintaining it for years to come.

Once you’re happy with the design of your Pool, we’ll connect you with an industry-leader in financing residential Pools for a free quote.