Our Company

We are Texas Swimming Pool & Spa Professionals, a group of experienced builders who have been pursuing our passion of building gorgeous pools and spas since 2016. 

There’s nothing we love more than seeing how excited a client is about their new pool’s design and then rewarding their trust in TSPSP once our work is done.  

As a family-owned business, reputation means everything to us. This is a company we want to pass on to our children and hope they’ll pass on to theirs someday.  

That’s why we will make every effort to meet your highest expectations.   

At TSPSP, we only use licensed structure engineers for our designs. We only use licensed mechanical engineers for our pools’ plumbing. Before every build, we conduct thorough soil tests and can carry out chemical injections if necessary.  

We even offer “Pool School” to teach you everything you need to know about your new pool.  

You can also Contact Us at any time if you ever have any questions whatsoever. 

Because we don’t want to just build amazing pools. We want to know that you’re enjoying them as much as possible.